Cameroon Farming Insights 

one of the most fertile lands in Africa. 
Cameroon the food basket of the world 

Cameroon wants to invest 3.35 billion FCfa in agriculture for the period 2014-2020

(Business in Cameroon) - The Cameroonian government just approved its National Agricultural Investment Plan (PNIA), which aims to invest 3.35 trillion FCfa in the development of agriculture for a period of seven years (2014-2020). Out of this haul, over 1.5 trillion FCfa (42% of the full sum) are to be raised from lenders.
The PNIA is offering development modalities for agricultural sectors (plants, livestock, fisheries and forestry); the modernisation of production infrastructure and the development of financing access mechanisms; management and sustainable use of natural resources, the reinforcement of operator capacities and the promotion of collaboration among these various entities.   
This agricultural investment plan is a direct result of Cameroon signing the “Detailed programme for Agricultural Development in Africa (PDDAA)” pact implemented by the NEPAD. By joining this pact, Cameroon as committed to devote 10% of its national budget to the agricultural sector instead of the current 3%.  
Though impressive in terms of its agricultural potential, Cameroon, the country that has fertile lands covering 25% of its surface area, is struggling under the burden of production shortages in all major crops (rice cassava, plantains, corn, potato and sugar cane). A virtual employment gold mine, agriculture, which is still done using small scale practices, is the livelihood of 70% of the active population, according to official statistics.