Agriculture remains the backbone of the Cameroon economy. The People depend on agriculture, the government invests hugely to promote agriculture and yet food availability, accessibility and affordability remain an issue. 



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Investing in agriculture in Cameroon has just been made easy; through Skyhigh Group Consultants, we focus on promoting agriculture in three dimensions 

1. By providing a permanent market for all farm produce in Cameroon
2. By Sourcing for investors, investing, and subsidising farmers to best produce and meet the market demand for various food products.

We believe in constant training in order to meet the increasing demands for high volumes and quality of farm produce, is a priority for us.  

We provide coaching and mentoring schemes that will enable new farmers to best fit into the new environment,
We train farmers in becoming entrepreneurs and persons who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.
We train them on how to best produce marketable farm products, develop a business idea, design a business plan and successfully install their businesses or farms,
We also provide people (most espercially NGOs) and organisational management trainings through our leadership schemes.


To us, managing agricultural projects is fun and so we do not ignore any one or any detail. Skyhigh Group Consultants manages farm projects of all categories from small, medium to large scale. We also manage projects at the levels of national, international and global conglomerates. We are kings when it comes to sourcing and building the right project team for any category of agricultural production. We take into consideration every bit of the project and ensures that time cost and quality are all respected. SGC is landmark and all their project team members are project management certified with over 5 years of project management experience around the agri sector, so dealing with us is fun.

When it comes to executing projects for you, we do not only manage them, but we also help to carry out research on how you can best maximise profits as well as how your farm products can best benefit the community. So we will go around cost cutting strategies, marketing strategies and ensure your personnel are well trained on how to sustain the project. Indeed, project management with is fun and we make you to have fun while you maximise the profits.